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NeuroReplete Program

Neurotransmitters (NT) are chemical messengers which act in the nervous system and play a large role in energy, mood and satiation. The stress of modern life, poor dietary habits, inadequate activity levels and genetic predispositions each contribute to the depletion of NTs.

Neurotransmitter depletion plays a role in the following disease states:

Safe, natural amino acids, such as 5-HTP, tyrosine, cysteine and L-dopa are prescribed in balanced therapeutic doses to restore patient health. Many of the drugs which are given for the same disorders deplete neurotransmitter levels further. This leads to poor long term patient management. Amino acid therapy, on the other hand, repletes the needed NTs which leads to less dependency on treatment and better homeostatic regulation.

What our patients are saying:

Dr. LaCava saved my life. I was misdiagnosed for more than two years by other doctors and left without any solutions or hope. Dr. LaCava was able to quickly make the right diagnosis for me. My treatment plan is brilliant, logical, multidimensional and the results are measurable!
— F.N. & J.B.

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